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Ross Couch – Moonlight EP – Body Rhythm 112

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The year seems to be rapidly speeding towards a conclusion, but I’ve still got two releases that I’d like to get out before 2018 rolls arounds and the first of them, the ‘Moonlight EP’ is available to buy now from all the usual stores.

Buy It Now At:

Also look out for a new remix of Sasha Anastasov Feat Max – ‘Ballon Way’ by Max on the Super Duper Soul label (an offshoot of City Soul Recordings), which is due on Traxsource promo tomorrow (Friday, November 17th).

Finally, I’m delighted to say that ‘Life Is Like That’ from my last EP was featured on Spotify’s official ‘Soul BPM’ playlist. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few tracks on there over the past year and its definitely one that is worth checking out.

Also, if you do listen on SPOTIFY then be sure to press the ‘follow’ button on my artist profile over there so you can keep up to date with my new releases as soon as the go live on the site.