I’m Back!

Well, well, well, look who finally got their act together and put up a new website!

Long overdue I know. My old website was accidently deleted a few years back during a server upgrade and since it was getting long in the tooth and was a pain in the ass to update I decided that rather than try to retrieve it I’d make a new one. As you can no doubt deduce for yourselves, I kinda slacked on getting around to that though!

In the mean time I joined Facebook (add me at facebook.com/rosscouch) and figured that would do instead, but as time has went on it’s become clear to me that is not enough on it’s own as not everyone has access to it, and beyond that there’s not really one place where people can go to find out what I’m up to, keep track of my latest releases and where to buy them, plus have acess to a complete discography of all my music since discogs.com’s record is incomplete.

And so here we are. As always there’s a lot going on in the studio so I’ll try to bring everybody up to date with the latest goings-on ASAP.

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