Remixing Rasmus Faber – Good Times Come Back

Rasmus Faber

I’m currently finishing off a new remix for one of house music’s most musical gifted producers Rasmus Faber on his Farplane label.

The track is called ‘Good Times Come Back’ and features the vocal talents of Sweden’s ‘Beldina’ who’s been collaborating with Faber on a number of tracks recently

The single has already been released in Japan earlier in the year and was apparently a hit over there.  Now it’s getting a full release along with additional remixes.

The original is a very uplifting, heart-warming piano based track.  To be honest it would be a nigh-on impossible to top the feel-good vibe Rasmus has conjured up so instead I’ve taken it into deeper waters.

I’m told that my take on the track will form part of the second package of remixes which is due out in December.

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