Ross Couch – Take A Look – Body Rhythm 035: Out Now At Beatport

Today sees the release of my new single “Ross Couch – Take A Look”, the 35th release on my Body Rhythm label.  For now this one is available to buy exclusively from Beatport for the next four weeks.

This is actually the first time I’ve released a single on the label, usually in the past I’ve put out three original tracks, but I wanted to experiment with something different here.  So what I’ve done is offered up the original, plus put together three different takes on it – a dancefloor one, a funky one and a downtempo version.

Hopefully there’ll be something amongst them that will tickle your fancy!

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DJ Reactions:

Giom: The floor mix is a killer, will try it out tomorrow night in Georgia. Can’t wait!”

The SoundDiggers: “Omg !!!! Take a look is insane bro!! Just stuck it in my latest mix alongside face the pressure 🙂  sickness keep em coming !!!!!!!”

Lukas Greenberg:  Played ‘Take A Look (Floor Mix)’ on Plastic City Radio.

The Messenger: “Pure quality again! Our fav is Downtempo mix..superb.”

Richard Earnshaw: “The Funk Mix is cool.”

Krummstoff: “Great job as usual, lovin’ the floor version most of all, will chart and support!”

Niall Redmond (RTE Pulse): “Floor mix is the one for me closely followed by Funk Mix..will be playing on the show bro.”

AMDJ’s: “Floor mix is our fav track from the package. Great track!”

Darren Holland: “Original and floor mixes are doin it for me;-)”

C&M Productions: “We play the original mix! This is our favorite.”

Track Previews:

Ross Couch – Take A Look (Original Mix) by RossCouch

Ross Couch – Take A Look (Floor Mix) by RossCouch

Ross Couch – Take A Look (Funk Mix) by RossCouch

Ross Couch – Take A Look (Downtempo Mix) by RossCouch

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