Watch ‘Enlightenment’ Being Played At Hoog Water II In Amsterdam

There’s few things more enjoyable for me than to see footage of my music being played somewhere in the world.

So it was a pleasure to receive a heads up from Prunk Records main man Nilz Pronk yesterday that there was a video from this past weekend’s ‘Hoog Water II’ event in Amsterdam, Holland featuring my track ‘Enlightenment’. As you’ll see below the event took place out on a boat, with the party going on from the afternoon right on into the night.

And as a bonus, here’s another couple of videos I was sent a couple of months back from DJ / Producer Kubatko who played both ‘Turn It Up’ and ‘Face The Pressure’ from one of my recent EP’s during his set at the ‘Roxy’ club in Prague, Czech Republic.

Ross Couch – Turn It Up:

Ross Couch – Face The Pressure: (Plays briefly at the start of the clip)

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