Rasmus Faber Ft Beldina – Good Times Come Back – Ross Couch Remix Promos

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In a previous update I mentioned that I was working on a remix for Rasmus Faber’s ‘Good Times Come Back’ release Ft Beldina on Farplane Records, and I’m happy to say that it’s now available to buy.

The remix, plus an instrumental version along with other remixes from Fred Scott forms ‘Part 3’ of the release and will be in stores from December 19th, but in the mean time you can grab the promo exclusively from the Farplane Records store.

Click on the ‘more info’ link below to get more details and listen to the tracks.

Ross Couch Ft Lazarusman – Wide Open Spaces – Body Rhythm 037

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It’s time for my final EP of 2011 on Body Rhythm (though not the final release…there’s a compilation still to come!), and to end the year on a high we’ve got a collaboration with South African poet Lazarusman called ‘Wide Open Spaces’.

This one is available to buy on promo now exclusively from Beatport.com with the other stores to follow at the turn of the year.

This one came about thanks to perfect timing.  Lazarus contacted me to suggest we do something together just as I was working on a rough version of a track I’d titled ‘Wide Open Spaces’.  I sent it to him and he got to work on writing and performing the spoken word lyrics soon after.

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Ross Couch: 10 Years Deep In The Dance Music Business

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It turns out that today marks 10 years since my first official release!

I did have a few white label releases, etc before that, but the 12″ release of ‘Ross Couch – ‘The Rhythm‘ on Panther Records was really the first “proper” one.

Since then I’ve lost count of the number of tracks that have come out…probably over 200, including around 25-30 vinyl releases, more than 30 EP’s and counting on my Body Rhythm label, dozens of remixes and compilation CD appearances, and of course not forgetting one album.

There’s been a lot of ups and downs along the way…probably more of the latter than the former if I’m being totally honest – the music business can be a cruel mistress at times!

Despite all that I’ve somehow never become bored with making music and still love that feeling when a moment of inspiration strikes and a new track is born.

Thanks to everyone who has supported my music over the years, and here’s hoping there’s more than a few still to come.

Ross Couch – Soul Fire EP Now Out On Full Release

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My latest release on my Body Rhythm label, the ‘Soul Fire EP’ has now finished it’s promo period on Beatport and is out this week on full release.

That means you can grab it now at the following stores:

Beatport : Traxsource : Juno Download : Stompy : iTunes

See below for the track previews.

Ross Couch – So High:

Ross Couch – So High – BodyRhythm 036 by RossCouch

Ross Couch – Gettin’ It Hot:

Ross Couch – Gettin It Hot – Body Rhythm 036 by RossCouch

Ross Couch – Rockin’ In Rio:

Ross Couch – Rockin In Rio – Body Rhythm 036 by RossCouch

Ross Couch / Body Rhythm Records Music Now Available On iTunes

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I’m delighted to say that for the first time ever you can now buy the entire Body Rhythm Records catalogue on the world’s leading music store, iTunes.

Body Rhythm is of course my own label which I’ve been using to release all my original music on exclusively for the past 4 and a half years, building up an extensive back catalogue of over 120 tracks spread out over 36 releases.

As well as now having access to all those releases since 2007 for just £0.79 / $0.99 each, from now on all my future EP’s will also be available on iTunes at the same time as they appear on all the other stores (the exclusive promo periods on Beatport will remain though).

Click on the link below to visit iTunes now and check out the music, or hit the ‘read more’ link to find out more about this new deal.


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