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Ross Couch ‘Future Shock’ And Rasmus Faber Remix Charting At Beatport And Traxsource

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I’m happy to say that 2012 has got off to a good start for my latest music releases.

First up, the original mix of ‘Future Shock‘ from my first Body Rhythm release of the year has hit the Beatport Deep House Top 100.

It first entered at No.85 on Sunday and has since worked it’s way up to No.64.

Meanwhile, my remix of Rasmus Faber Ft Beldina – ‘Good Times Come Back‘ on Farplane Records has been steadily climbing up the charts over at Traxsource since it was released their last week.

It’s currently at No.20 on the Soulful chart, and No.32 on the overall Traxsource Top 100.

Traxsource has been a good site for me lately as ‘Ross Couch Ft Lazarusman – ‘Wide Open Spaces (Organic Mix)‘ also reached No.20 on the Soulful chart, while my ‘Travelogue‘ compilation rose to No.8 on the album chart when it came out in December.

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come in 2012.  Thanks to everyone who’s been buying the tracks, very much appreciated!

Ross Couch Remix For Rasmus Faber – Traxsource Release And DJ Feedback

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Just before Christmas my remix of Rasmus Faber Ft Beldina ‘Good Times Come Back’ came out on Farplane Records, but unfortunately due to an error it didn’t appear on Traxsource.

The good news is that everything’s now been sorted and the release is officially out on the store this week, and the good people at Traxsource have even included it in their Essential Soulful 20‘ selection for this week.

Below you’ll find a preview of the vocal mix (dub mix is also included in the package), and you can also check out the DJ feedback for the release which also features a Fred Scott remix.

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Rasmus Faber Ft Beldina – Good Times Come Back – Ross Couch Rmx by RossCouch

DJ Feedback:

Kevin Phillips – Loving the Ross Couch remix!!

Greg/Hardsoul – Nice as always! 

Mario Chrisostomou – Lovely release. Catchy hook and a beautiful vocal. Especially feelin the Ross Couch vocal!

Antony Angell (Stereo Sushi) – some excellent remixes on this package

Aga Heller – Nice!

Michael Fossati – Ross Couch delivering an absolute beauty with his glorious remixes oozing with delectable melodies and infectious yet smooth rhythms

Andrea Fiorino – Ross Couch rocks, this one is right for my soul!

Hed Kandi – Wow! Two crackin remixes, love them. Ross Couch has a Naked Music vibe all over it. This is killer!

Richard Earnshaw – A fan of Ross’ work….another decent remix to add!

tsutomu fukushima – Ross Couch Remix is so cooool!

Andy Ward – Like the sounds of Ross’ mix very much

Grant Nelson – Oh yeah this is tasty!

Craig Stewart – Ross Couch jam is super HOT!, very cool deep groove goin’ on – great work Craig Stewart Montana & Stewart Universe Media/DCsTrax

Dominique Reid (Providence Rockwell) – You guys constantly Bring Da Vybes ! Feeling The Ross Mixes even more !

Graham Sahara – Lovely mix from Ross. will play 

Davidson Ospina – Love everything Ross Couch produces! 🙂 Support

Alonso – I like the Ross Couch Remix.. Sublim mix! Alonso / Deeper People

Rasmus Faber Ft Beldina – Good Times Come Back – Ross Couch Remix Promos

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In a previous update I mentioned that I was working on a remix for Rasmus Faber’s ‘Good Times Come Back’ release Ft Beldina on Farplane Records, and I’m happy to say that it’s now available to buy.

The remix, plus an instrumental version along with other remixes from Fred Scott forms ‘Part 3’ of the release and will be in stores from December 19th, but in the mean time you can grab the promo exclusively from the Farplane Records store.

Click on the ‘more info’ link below to get more details and listen to the tracks.

Remixing Rasmus Faber – Good Times Come Back

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Rasmus Faber

I’m currently finishing off a new remix for one of house music’s most musical gifted producers Rasmus Faber on his Farplane label.

The track is called ‘Good Times Come Back’ and features the vocal talents of Sweden’s ‘Beldina’ who’s been collaborating with Faber on a number of tracks recently

The single has already been released in Japan earlier in the year and was apparently a hit over there.  Now it’s getting a full release along with additional remixes.

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